Peter Novak novak at
Thu Jun 10 12:14:05 UTC 1999

Hi people,
as I was listening to you, while you were speaking about Squeak
documentation and Squeak books, I said to myself: "why not to tell them
what I'm missing in Squeak". So...
I am total newbie in Squeak. Before I became Squeak fan I worked mostly
with M$ products, like M$ Visual Basic and M$ Visual Studio, so I'm maybe
very lazy user (in searching "how to do something" things). I like index
of topics which is used in help files in Wins. When I want to find how
to do something, first I'm searching for such topic in that list. In 80% I
find what I want very quickly. This is what I'm missing in the Squeak.

I think taht source code in Squeak is okay, in my opinion it's not really
necessary to coment all places in Squeak sources. For me it seems to be
"self commenting" code. But I lose too much time with searching (and
guessing, where it can be) for some way to do what I want. Reading of some
book is for me (like for many others) the last way, after few hours spent
with endless searching for some topic. 
"What class I have to use when I want to do this?", 
"Is this the best way to that?",  "How can I know if this action has any
side effects I do not know?" are my daily question.
Okay, someone can say that it's easy to search for some example in Squeak,
where is used some simillar construction I want to use, but I think that
surfing in sources is waste of time, isn't it? 

The think I'm missing is better just-at-the-time support for me as the

So this is what I wanted to say.


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