[another Buglet] & a question about fonts

Dan Ingalls Dan.Ingalls at disney.com
Mon May 10 20:22:33 UTC 1999

Reinier -

>9) The idea that the current font design is soon obsolete kept me from
>writing what I know down somewhere;
>    (Dan, if you're reading this, can you comment on that?)

Sorry about the slow response...

In the world of MVC, we do not plan to change anything.

In the Morphic world, we are headed for a pretty major rewrite of how morphs work in order to take advantage of Balloon (rotation, scaling and anti-aliasing).  This will surely involve some new approaches to fonts, and hopefully we'll integrate the True-Type access at the same time.

I doubt that we will be able to do outline font display on the fly, and therefore  Strike fonts will probably stay as a workhorse for simple, fast text display, with the only likely enhancement being support for fractional widths.

Andreas (Balloon) and Marcel Weiher (Postscript) are the two other people who would probably have interesting suggestions in this area.

	- Dan

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