ODBC interface

Eric Ulevik eau at fast.fujitsu.com.au
Fri May 7 00:59:49 UTC 1999

From: Roxie Rochat <rrochat at vline.net>
>I need to connect to a Jasmine database from Squeak.
>Jasmine doesn't have a Smalltalk API yet, but I have located
>an ODBC wrapper.  Has anyone written or is working on
>an ODBC interface for Squeak?  Or are there better alternatives?

The Jasmine C-API is a lot simpler and better than ODBC. This is a DLL

The problem then becomes how to get from Squeak to C methods in a DLL..

One idea, which may be sensible depending upon your application, is to write
a separate Windows executable that makes all the Jasmine calls, and talks
TCP/IP to Squeak.


Eric Ulevik

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