[PWS] PWS only meant for Swiki?

Andrew C. Greenberg werdna at gate.net
Sun May 2 17:43:53 UTC 1999

By the way, as one who has only recently become alive to the virtues 
of PWS and built-in Swiki support, let me humbly state what a big 
deal this stuff is.  The amount of functionality for the effort to 
build one is amazing, and the extensibility is unparalleled.

I am curious how, in practice, a Swiki performs.  In particular, how 
practical are these things for communities of several hundred people?

And one simple, silly (in the sense I should probably be able to 
figure this out for myself without much effort) question.  Since 
Swikis keep lots of past information available to support rollback of 
pages, how do I control the bilge when I am comfortable that I have a 
stable state?  In particular, how can i get my Swiki to dump old 
information?  Will Swiki automatically dump rollbacks after a fixed 
number of edits?

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