Thinking about a better UI

Raab, Andreas Andreas.Raab at
Mon May 17 21:38:04 UTC 1999

> You know Marcel, there isn't much we can do about what M$ did in the past.
> However, all of the applications on my Windoze box do the cut/copy/paste
> thing the same way; they all use Alt.  In the interest of being
> "consistent"
> with all of the other apps on this platform (and apparently on UNIX too),
> I
> think that the Windoze version of Squeak should likewise use the same key
> sequences for this basic activity.
What we really need is some sort of more general user preferences. I don't
see a reason for hardwiring Ctrl-x in contrast to the current Cmd-x (btw,
I'm really used to the Windows 3.1 style 'shift-del' command). These
preferences could be set automatically on system startup for the current
host platform and should include a lot more than just shortcuts (even though
they're obvious candidates).

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