68k SoundCodec and 3D libraries

Bruce O'Neel beoneel at mindspring.com
Wed May 19 20:58:59 UTC 1999

  Just to be a shade perverse I built the SoundCodecPrims and Squeak3D 
libraries for 68k macs.  This means that Play With Me 7 now works on 68k 
macs.  Now, before you get all excited I only have an LC040, ie, one 
without hardware floating point, so, I built it *WITHOUT* the hardware 
floating point instructions.  So what this really means is that you can 
brew and drink a cup of coffee between each example command in PWM7.  If 
someone has a full 040 or a an 030 with a FPU I'm happy to build with the 
FPU instructions for you.  

The file http://www.mindspring.com/~beoneel/68k_3d_codec_prims.sea.bin 
contains both shared libraries as well as CW11 project files to build 
them.  I haven't tested the SoundCodecPrims yet, but, I think it will 



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