A not so Random Random

Juan Cires Martinez jcm at mat.upm.es
Tue May 25 15:49:47 UTC 1999


I am using a lot of Randoms lately, and something strange has happened a
couple of times today: I get Randoms which after a while produce an
unending sequence of 1.0s.  The instance variables of these Randoms are:

	seed: 	2.147483647e9
	a: 	16807.0
	m: 	2.147483647e9
	q: 	127773.0
	r: 	2836.0

It is quite annoying.  I do not know the details of the random number
generation algorithm.  Is there a way to avoid it besides explicit
testing for 1.0 in Random>>next?

Thanks, Juan.

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