Yes! Acorn dynamically loadable plugins!

Alan Kay Alan.Kay at
Fri May 21 16:38:44 UTC 1999

Tim --

Amen and congrats from me as well!!




At 3:15 PM -0000 5/21/99, John.Maloney at wrote:
>This is terrific! I know how painful this can be. I had to
>really struggle to get it working on the Mac. There, the
>situation was especially annoying because the 68K didn't
>originally support dynamic linking. It was added to the 68K
>as an afterthought, but there are all sorts of complications
>such as not being able to build a "fat" (68K and PPC)
>DLL. Since the VM it itself a DLL, that means we can
>no longer have a single "fat" Squeak VM. And, of course,
>it is hard to discover what you need to know by reading
>the documentation...
>Anyhow, I'm glad you drove through your RiscOS difficulties
>and got it working. Congratulations!
>	-- John
>>I'm sure it will make most of you yawn, but I have to shout it somewhere -
>>_finally_, I can do dynamically loadable VM plugins on RiscOS. I still have
>>to try to unify 'internal' plugins into the mechanism, but it actually
>>loads the GSM codec plugin, sets up the interpreter and finds/execute the
>>new state prim.
>>Why has it taken so long? Well, RiscOS just doesn't normally work that way
>>- the OS equivalent of plugins/dlls uses runtime binding via names, not
>>function addresses or anything like that. Many thanks to Ben Summers who
>>managed to work out the mechanism to allow this.
>>You can go back to sleep now...
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