[UPDATES] 14 more little fixes

Dan Ingalls Dan.Ingalls at disney.com
Tue May 11 04:28:52 UTC 1999

Folks -

Herewith a number of little fixes.  I'm planning to put out a 2.4c image as a convenience.

	- Dan
1193snapCursAndRep-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 4 May 1999
Shows the write cursor on snapshots whether in morphic or not.
Fixes bug reported by Markus Kohler and John Steinmetz regarding repaint.

1194headerFileTweaks-jhm -- John Maloney -- 5 May 1999
Remove obsolete references to LITTLE_ENDIAN_BITBLT from Squeak VM header files.

1195TwoFixes-ar -- Andreas Raab -- 5 May 1999
Makes MacFileDirectory case sensitive and fixes Socket>>initialize problem.

1196DisplayChanges-ar -- Andreas Raab -- 1 May 1999
This change set adds two new primitives:
#primitiveTestDisplayDepth (91) tests if a given display depth is available on the current host platform thus avoiding crashes if users try to switch to an unsupported display depth.
#primitiveSetDisplayMode (92) set the requested display mode for Squeak.
As a side effect, it also cleans up the error logging by adding the method Smalltalk>>logError:inContext:to:.

1197WCEHeaders -- Andreas Raab -- 6 May 1999
Fixes the header files for Windows CE based machines.

1198misc-tkKG -- Ted Kaehler -- 7 May 1999
Several fixes:
	Stephen Pope's fix to ignore the parameter to BlockContext new:.
	Inspectors value pane strings are limited to 5000 characters in length.
	A bug in a SyntaxError feature is fixed.
	Some preliminary fixes to allow Wonderlands to be stored on files as objects.
	SelectorFinder has 'copy selector' menu item.
	Fixed bug in SmartRefStream when a UniClass has no class inst vars.

1199MsgTallyRecover-di -- Dan Ingalls -- 10 May 1999
Cancels MessageTally interrupt process if you get an error while tallying.
Otherwise, things get messy.  Suggested by Andres Valloud.

1200MVCpreference-di -- Dan Ingalls -- 10 May 1999
Disable access to MVC projects when MVC not present or when preference is disabled.

1201SingleVersions-di -- Dan Ingalls -- 10 May 1999
Reverts a 'convenience' added to the browse versions command.
Once again it behaves consistently, and you can too.

1202SaveAsFixes-dew -- Doug Way -- 3 May 1999
Fixes a bug if the Cancel button is pressed with the image 'save as...' command.  Also, the default image name used in the 'save as...'  prompter is now the current image name.

1203Debugger-open -- Dan Ingalls -- 10 May 1999
Fixes a problem reported by Ohshima Yoshiki.

1204TwoFixes -- TwoMarks -- 10 May 1999
Herewith Mark Guzdial's fix for FTPSocket readAhead
and Mark Schwenk's fix for TextFontReference =

1205PluggableButtonView-label -- Dan Ingalls -- 10 May 1999
Fixes a problem opening BitEditors, reported by Bob Arning.

1206BroadcastUpdtChecks -- Dan Ingalls -- 10 May 1999
Catches certain mistakes when broadcasting groups of updates.

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