[BUG] Problem creating FileStream on Macs?

Doug Way dway at mat.net
Sun May 23 22:46:12 UTC 1999

Just wanted to forward this problem report on to the list, in case anyone
knows more about this.  (Maybe this is already a known problem, I'm not

By the way, Dandelion looks like a great tool for outputting Smalltalk
classes/methods source code, if nothing else.  (I haven't tried the
analysis stuff yet.)

- Doug Way
  EAI/Transom Technogies, Ann Arbor, MI
  dway at eai.com, dway at mat.net

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Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 22:50:05 +0900
From: Masashi Umezawa <umejava at mars.dti.ne.jp>
To: Doug Way <dway at mat.net>
Subject: Re: [FWD: [Squeak:ANN] Dandelion - a generic analysis/output
framework is released!] (fwd) 

Doug Way wrote:
> Hello Masashi.
> Thanks for posting your Dandelion tool.  I tried it out with Squeak 2.4 on
> Windows NT, and it works very well!
> However, I also tried running it with Squeak on my Macintosh, and it
> mostly works, but an error appears with Example 1 when it gets to the "Now
> Outputting..." stage.
> The error stack is as follows:
> UndefinedObject(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand:
> DlHtmlWriteStream(DlWrapStream)>>nextPutAll:
> DlHtmlWriteStream>>htmlPutAll:
> DlHtmlWriteStream>>comment
> DlHtmlWriteStream>>commentWith:
> DlSimpleHtmlOutputter>>writeTitle:
> DlSimpleHtmlOutputter>>writeClassOn:
> [] in DlSimpleHtmlOutputter>>outputClasses
> SortedCollection(OrderedCollection)>>do:
> DlSortedSet>>do:

I also heard this problem from Ohshima - Squeak/Zaurus author.
It seems to be a problem of Squeak2.4 on Mac.
According to Ohshima, Squeak 2.4 on Mac sometimes fails to create an
instance of FileStream.
It silently returns nil, instead of a FileStream. Maybe the failure
occurs in VM.
(I cannot check by myself, because I'm not a Mac user).

I'll put this information on my web site. Thanks!

[:masashi | ^umezawa]

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