Thinking about a better UI

Andres Valloud sqrmax at
Mon May 17 19:49:57 UTC 1999


> Marcel said: "Because Windows got it wrong..." about the cut/copy/paste key
> sequences.

Hmmmmmm I dunno... it could be said that Apple got it wrong because Meta
<argument against it>... I think it's not that much important exactly what
button it is.

> You know Marcel, there isn't much we can do about what M$ did in the past.
> However, all of the applications on my Windoze box do the cut/copy/paste
> thing the same way; they all use Alt.

Hm? They all use Ctrl :).

> In the interest of being "consistent" with all of the other apps on this 
> platform (and apparently on UNIX too), I think that the Windoze version of 
> Squeak should likewise use the same key sequences for this basic activity.

This will also change the current Ctrl-keys... Ctrl-v for instance gets you a
signature of yourself plus the date. And although it goes against ehhh... the
mass, I like that Squeak works with Alt instead.

Or perhaps it has to do with the actual key places on keyboards? Are the current
Ctrl and Alt key usages... does the position of Ctrl and Alt mimick the Mac
keyboards keys that have the same functions?


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