MessageTally (2.3)

Andres Valloud sqrmax at
Sun May 30 00:35:20 UTC 1999


MessageTally doesn't tally a block that takes long to execute. It keeps running
but the block does nothing and you can move the cursor and do things. While in
this state,

MessageTally new close

takes a big while, and finally says that #terminate is not understood in the
method #spyEvery:on:. The variable Timer is gone, now it's nil.

I have exactly 100 alive instances of MessageTally (as informed by MessageTally
allInstances inspect). Some of them have all their variables set to nil so
#printOn: fails. None of them is working or doing something. At least one of
those has no references to it when you ask for "objects referencing (or pointing
to?) this value" in the inspector.



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