Cut, Copy & Paste Policy (RE: Thinking about a better UI)

Dino gte949e at
Tue May 18 15:02:59 UTC 1999

I think one of the halo buttons gives you option of changing the color...  one
thing I don't like about the color change is that it changes only a portion of
the system window.  There is no clear semantic for changing the color for the
whole frame.  The UI sucks muffins right there for background color changing....

-- Dino

Smilie wrote:
> Thanks, I had forgotten about that, I just blamed it on my strange new
> mouse.  That leads me to another question.  In MVC I can get the menu that
> lets you choose the color of the window.  When I try to get that menu
> inside of Morphic, I get the object halo.  Why?  Is it possible to get the
> color menu inside of Morphic?  I found the one that lets you set the
> desktop color, but I cant find the one for the windows.
> --------------------
> Jen a.k.a. Smilie
> :-P
> smilie at
> On Mon, 17 May 1999, Raab, Andreas wrote:
> > Have you checked the VM-Preferences?! You should turn on the 'use 3 button
> > mouse' option. Since most people have 2 button mices out there it is turned
> > off by default.
> >
> >   Andreas

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