Thinking about a better UI

Dick Karpinski dick at
Sun May 16 17:49:16 UTC 1999

"Joachim Durchholz" wrote, in part:

> The concept of a class, together with dynamic dispatch, was really
> novel. What was not novel was the flow of control once the system had
> determined which routine to call. The Smalltalk literature just failed
> to mention this, and I had to painstakingly find this out by tracing the
> execution of the model VM in one of the Smalltalk books.

What I hear here is that you'd have benefitted from even a single
example of the correspondence between methods and subroutines, 
especially if the differences were highlighted by explicit commentary.  
Many more may yet follow that path.  Would you take an hour to create 
the annotated example that would address that educational goal?


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