Ctrl, Alt and Menu keys (was: RE: Thinking about a better UI)

Dino gte949e at prism.gatech.edu
Tue May 18 17:35:06 UTC 1999

Well, actually everything that doesn't use the mouse to cut & paste, it uses
that ctrl key.  Instead of command-., we could use ctrl-c or something like
that.  On my computer, command-. translates to alt-.  alt-. doesn't mean
anything to me.  I've owned a mac for 6 years at one point and I still didn't
understand the idea of command-.

Doesn't ctrl-c sound a whole lot more like cancel than command-.?

-- Dino

stan at stanheckman.com wrote:
> Is it *really* all ctrl-this, ctrl-that in unix for you?
> I suspect you cut and paste with no ctrl (or alt) keys at all.
> Personally, I think X Window has the easiest to use cut and paste
> around (ICCCM), because I don't have to move my hands from the mouse
> to the keyboard to cut and paste. But this is a religious argument,
> and we have no chance of convincing the Mac and Windows users to
> change. :-(
> On the bright side, if we use the same meaning for cut and paste on
> each platform, it does make it a bit easier for us to write
> documentation for our Squeak apps.
> --
> Stan

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