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Mark Guzdial guzdial at
Thu May 6 13:38:14 UTC 1999

There was some talk along time ago about building some way of merging the
VM with an image (appending the image after the VM).  Has anyone pushed
further on this?  We've started distributing Squeak 'executables' (lots of
things stripped out except for pieces needed for specific applications),
and being able to distribute a single file would be great!


At 12:39 AM -0700 5/6/99, Shiro Ogawa wrote:
>     Is there any way to make some executable or  image, so that an
>application window only starts up? I am new to Squeak but have  been using
>Digitalk Smalltalk where you can create runtime executables.     Thanks  
>Shiro Ogawa

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