Yes! Acorn dynamically loadable plugins!

John.Maloney at John.Maloney at
Fri May 21 15:15:24 UTC 1999


This is terrific! I know how painful this can be. I had to
really struggle to get it working on the Mac. There, the
situation was especially annoying because the 68K didn't
originally support dynamic linking. It was added to the 68K
as an afterthought, but there are all sorts of complications
such as not being able to build a "fat" (68K and PPC)
DLL. Since the VM it itself a DLL, that means we can
no longer have a single "fat" Squeak VM. And, of course,
it is hard to discover what you need to know by reading
the documentation...

Anyhow, I'm glad you drove through your RiscOS difficulties
and got it working. Congratulations!

	-- John

>I'm sure it will make most of you yawn, but I have to shout it somewhere -
>_finally_, I can do dynamically loadable VM plugins on RiscOS. I still have
>to try to unify 'internal' plugins into the mechanism, but it actually
>loads the GSM codec plugin, sets up the interpreter and finds/execute the
>new state prim.
>Why has it taken so long? Well, RiscOS just doesn't normally work that way
>- the OS equivalent of plugins/dlls uses runtime binding via names, not
>function addresses or anything like that. Many thanks to Ben Summers who
>managed to work out the mechanism to allow this.
>You can go back to sleep now...
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