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Fri May 7 03:05:53 UTC 1999

Tim, I'd like to try your "pluginise" stuff, but I cannot fileIn
vmreduce.cs. I have tried on virgin Squeak 2.3 under Windows NT 4.0 Server,
80 Megs RAM, lot of HDD space and so. Please, find the Debug log attached to
this email. (Sorry, I can't figure out myself yet.. I am still experimenting
Squeak and doing some VM hawkin'. So, I'm Squeak newbie ;:)


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: On Thu 06 May, Richard L. Peskin wrote:
: > interp.c is getting large (~1mb now). While this is no
: immediate problem,
: > it is large enough to make code management and development
: cumbersome; i.e
: > try scrolling through the popup function list in Metrowerks IDE.
: Well, I suppose one could point out that you shouldn't be looking at the
: code in a C environment since it is all neatly there in the image, and the
: inlining will make quite a mess of readability. However...
: > Is there
: > any thought being given to "modularizing" interp.c?
: I did do some modularizing a few weeks ago in order to make plugins of all
: the serial/midi/socket/sound/etc subsystems. That certainly cuts quite a
: bit out. See
: http://sumeru.stanford.EDU/tim/pooters/SqFiles/deltas/ for
: details. It's 2.3 for now, I'll probably get to 2.4 someday soon.
: It reduces
: the VM size quite noticably as well.
: tim
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