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Smilie smilie at
Sat May 15 22:17:15 UTC 1999

I have to agree on this point.  Thinking in terms of the "real world
objects"  is a concept that is much easier to understand.  It makes
visualization and flow of control of the program easier to follow.  
(Probably directly related to the way I was taught to think about

I know that when I have to start thinking in terms of stacks and data
structures and pointers, I get lost in all of the visualization of the
different parts.  This is why I like Squeak so much.  It makes it easier
for me to see the big picture.

> However, human thinking works differently than a computer running a
> program.
> To a human it may be much easier to visualize and mentally think about
> 'objects' communicating by sending messages back and forth. It's more
> natural and easier for most humans to think in terms of these 'object' and
> 'communication' metaphors than to think in terms of abstract 'call stacks,
> data structures, and subroutines, etc...'.

Jen a.k.a. Smilie
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