Comparing Associations

John Clarke clarkej at
Thu May 27 18:16:04 UTC 1999


I'm not familiar with the ANSI Smalltalk standard, nor am 
I aware whether Squeak attempts to conform to it. But 
perhaps that's why Association uses the definition for = 
it inherits from LookupKey.

I checked several implementations and found the semantics 
for = wrt Association split as follows:

VS 3.0 and Squeak require that only the keys match, 
while VA and VW 3.0 require that the values match as well.

(I'm assuming that VA and VW follow the ANSI definition.)

BTW, did you get a response to whether Thinglab has 
been ported to VW? If so, I must have missed it.

John Clarke

Pierre wrote:
Why method = is not redefined properly in class Associations?

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