Doom as a user interface (fwd)

Joshua Marker lux at
Thu Oct 21 17:41:33 UTC 1999

	The idea of re-nicing processes when they're wounded is the one
that really got me. 
	Of course, we need a way to initiate processes, if only to watch
the doubtless thrilling results of a 'shutdown -r now'. 

On Thu, 21 Oct 1999, Tim Rowledge wrote:

> Yeah! Now this is the UI paradigm for system admin. Add in the ability
> to capture processes and drag off to the interrogation chamber( aka
> Debugger). Remove some of the gratuitous blood and gore. Implement in
> SqueakAlice.
> Actual work left as an exercise for the student (at gatech :-) )
> tim
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> Subject: Doom as a user interface
> Most serious computer users on Unix and Windows machines are familiar with the
> process of killing a program.  It's a pretty pedestrian activity, with a 
> minimum of user-interface savy.
> Now a researcher at Univ of New Mexico has used the Doom game (a shoot 'em
> up game with lots of blood) as the GUI for killing programs.  A soldier
> is created for each process and you just have to shoot the one you want.  It's
> described at

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