Code editors (Re: golgi (was Re: Something else))

Edward P Luwish eluwish at
Mon Oct 11 18:02:54 UTC 1999

Speaking of which (in a stream-of-consciousness way), a very nice graphic
debugger/code editor/all purpose tool was described in a CASE '87 paper by Ward
Christiansen and Kent Beck.  Can this be made available to the Squeak


Alan Kay wrote, among other things:

> CodeWorks was done by a terrific Smalltalker (and very smart character)
> Mark Lenzner in his company: Glyphic Technologies -- originally to make a
> scripting language for a now defunction ATT PDA. This is a complete piece
> of work with many interesting features, including the ideas he had for
> making a full OOP language like smalltalk with a scripting syntax.

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