Dwight Hughes dwighth at ipa.net
Fri Oct 29 17:09:44 UTC 1999

Stephan Rudlof wrote:
> Only to be safe: Includes an 'official' Squeak2.6 image _all_ changes on the
> change server before?

Yes, but the changes file is normally condensed for each "official"
version release, so previous versions of methods will be lost. A full
sequential update from way back will retain the previous versions of
everything in the changes file.

> Some other questions:
> - Are the change sets on the update server checked against each other for
> eventually conflicts?
> - How and when comes an [FIX] from this mailing list to the update server?

It is looked at and checked by someone at Squeak Central -- sometimes
the [FIX] is modified, extended, or done in a different manner before
being released (if the [FIX] is actually just fixing a symptom of the
real problem, SC will normally ignore the patch and do the real fix).
Most (all?) fixes will eventually go by Dan for at least final QC before
being released as an [UPDATE]. Very few [FIX]s sent to the list will
come from SC -- if they do a fix they will normally just put it into the
update stream.

> - How and when comes an [UPDATE] from this mailing list to the update
> server?

All [UPDATE]s are issued by Squeak Central and announced on the list.
The [UPDATE]s originate both from internal work done at SC and from
selected [GOODIE]s, [ANN]s, [FIX]s, and [ENH]s sent to the list after SC
has at least QCed them.

Dan covered the internal process at SC in some detail in an email to the
list a few months ago.

> - Do some or all [ENH] changes belong to updates on the update server?

[ENH]s sent to the list almost always come from Squeakers at large and
are not (initially) part of the [UPDATE] stream. Again, enhancements
done by SC will normally just be put into the update stream if they are
deemed worthy after some use and experience at SC. Whether an [ENH] sent
to the list becomes an [UPDATE] depends on a number of things -- here SC
applies their experience and judgement to make the decision. Sometimes
one person's [ENH] is another's [YUCK!]. ;-)

-- Dwight

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