Squeak Mentioned On O'Reilly

Dwight Hughes dwighth at ipa.net
Sat Oct 9 22:00:44 UTC 1999

I had much the same reaction. But hey, O'Reilly is in business to sell
their books and the "interviewer" is their editor-in-chief. O'Reilly has
plenty of Java and Python books to sell -- bias and misinformation is
just another advertising and selling tool.

-- Dwight

Les Tyrrell wrote:
> What a crock.  So now it's going to be Smalltalk vs. Python, with Python
> cast in the role as "The Serious Programming Language" while Smalltalk
> is cast as "The little single-purpose scripting language".  Python,
> the language for "Computing for Everybody".  Python, the Next Great Thing
> since Java.
> What an absolute crock.  Reminds me of the bullshit that Nygaard put up
> with when people saw Simula- they didn't think it was a "General Purpose"
> language. He wondered what he would have to take out to make it "general"
> enough for them.  Idiots!
> "Isn't Squeak a Smalltalk derivative?" ... jeez.
> les

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