[UPDATES] 9 new ones for 2.6 alpha

Dan Ingalls Dan.Ingalls at disney.com
Thu Oct 7 04:48:08 UTC 1999

.... as follows ...

1518browserOptions-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 5 October 1999
Summary: primarily serves to extend the availability of annotation panes and 'optional morphic buttons' to various tools from which they had been absent, and to make 'diffs' optionally available in most code tools.
Allows system browsers to show both annotation panes and optional morphic buttons if the appropriate preferences are set.  (NB: at present, only the full system browser is affected; class category, class, method-category, hierarchy, and protocol browsers don't yet show the optional panes.)
Makes optional morphic buttons available in message-list browsers and in versions browsers as well.
Makes annotation panes available in debuggers.
These changes for the moment are only made to the morphic development environment.  mvc browsers are not affected.
Makes the 'browse method' command in the various tools now bring up a message-list browser on the given method, rather than an oddball system browser.
Cmd-key equivalent for the browse-this-method command added:  cmd-O (that's an upper-case letter o).
Makes cmd-I in an inspector open up an ObjectExplorer.
Adds the ability to show diffs from prior version in any message-list browser, system browser, changelist browser, versions browser; the control for this (if you're in morphic and in a message-list browser or a changelist browser or a versions browser) will be found in the 'optional morphic buttons', but can also be reached, less elegantly, from either mvc or morphic, via the menu item 'toggle diffing' on the shifted side of the selector menu.
Also, adds a new item to the choices can be shown in annotation panes, namely the count of prior versions.   Use with discretion!
Inserts CodeHolder as a layer of hierarchy between StringHolder and any of the code-holding models (Browser, ChangeSorter, ChangeList, Debugger)
Reworks menus for versions browsers -- most of the items in their selector menus had been at best irrelevant, at worst prone to drop you into a debugger."

1519scriptButton-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 5 October 1999
Adds a command to the scriptor menu allowing the user to tear off a button which, when pressed, will run the script."

1520gcTweak-di -- Dan Ingalls -- 6 October 1999
Minor but important change to markAndTrace:, a key routine in garbage collection.  This method used to trace all fields even if the starting object was already marked.  With this change, it no longer does so, and thus does not interfere with the imageSegment notion of objects being in the shadow of the garbage collector.
Also includes an unrelated but useful failure response for the simulator.


1522MarkBitFix-di -- Dan Ingalls -- 6 October 1999
The rootArray and roots for an imageSegment are marked and the mark bits were incorrectly being copied into the segment.  This fixes taht problem by masking them out, along with the root bits, during copy."


1524segFileReclaim-di -- Dan Ingalls -- 29 September 1999
Deletes all segment files that are no longer in use immediately following any save operation.


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