[ENH] smarter find class menu for browsers

Norton, Chris chrisn at Kronos.com
Tue Oct 19 17:46:05 UTC 1999

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Hi Folks.

This tiny change set adds additional functionality to the find class feature
of browsers.  While using the browser to search for classes, I was pleased
when I discovered that the find class feature displays all class names that
contain the snippet of text that I type in.  Unfortunately, this behavior
becomes a liability when your snippet is a substring that can be found in
many classes (e.g. Morph).  It gets a little tedious to scroll through menus
looking for the class you already typed in.  So, this change set adds the
search class that you typed to the top of the list of available classes
(only if it is a real class).

Note: this change was intended to behave like the code that searches for
implementors or senders of a method.  Thus, the search class will appear in
its own section at the top of the menu, and it will appear again in the list


---==> Chris


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