[ANN][UNIX] hey these [...]s are pretty neat!

Ian Piumarta Ian.Piumarta at inria.fr
Thu Oct 14 19:49:45 UTC 1999

Squeak squeak!

Article 0:  Hello world.  I'm back online.

Article 1:  Unix 2.5 in the usual place [1].  Sorry for the ludicrous
delay - much water, very small bridge.  2.6 will be there a lot faster
than 2.5 was, I promise.

Article 2:  I've not (yet) incorporated very many of the diffs that
various people sent me against the 2.4[c] sources.  If this concerns
you, and you care passionately about your diffs appearing sooner
rather than later, then I'd be _very_ grateful to receive new
*context* diffs made against the 2.5 sources.  (If they include
changes to the Makefiles then find a pack of vallium before proceeding
any further: you'll probably need 'em.)

Article 3:  Flames induced by lack of vallium to be sent to the author
of message #6309 in the list archive, rather than to me. ;-)

Article 4:  As usual, I've not tested the VMs very much.  Platform-
specific problems (only) to me please.

Article 5:  Please (always) send diffs and problems to me, not to the
list!  Most of my squeak traffic is read by procmail on my behalf (for
much the same reasons that I own a video recorder ;-).

Article 6:  Unintelligible comments in the above can be ignored;
they're probably not important.

Article 7:  Share and enjoy.



  [1] http://www-sor.inria.fr/~piumarta/squeak

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