[bug, linuxVM] shift-tab not captured

Norton, Chris chrisn at Kronos.com
Mon Oct 18 14:52:21 UTC 1999

Hi Folks.

At the risk of belaboring this Jerry's point...

In Win/Win95/WinNT land, the Shift-Tab acts like a "previous" tab key.  If
Tab goes from one widget to the next defined widget on your window, then
Shift-Tab goes back in the opposite direction.  This is a fairly standard
way of navigating Win applications sans mouse.  I often use this feature on
Win$ applications.


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> << Alt-Tab and Shift-Alt-Tab can be used to switch between apps on
> Windows, 
> but I don't think Shift-Tab has any special meaning. >>
> As was mentioned earlier, <Shift-Tab> is the reverse tab, i.e. tab-left.
> I happened to be working in MS Word when I got that message, and sort of 
> wondered what a <Shift-Tab> does during text entry. Turns out, it's the
> same 
> as a <Tab>. Go figure.
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