Better integer performance possible?

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Mon Oct 25 20:34:32 UTC 1999

> SmallIntegers aren't easily
> understandable... all of the complexity
> is hidden into C into machine-language into silicon.  There > is absolutly
> no insight on how to
> divide small integers anywhere (that I know of) in Squeak.

I dissent.  Read the Source Code!  SmallInteger arithmetic, particularly division is quite well-documented.  Start by examining the methods themselves.  SmallInteger>>//, for example:

\\ aNumber 	"Primitive. Take the receiver modulo the argument. The result is the
	remainder rounded towards negative infinity, of the receiver divided by
	the argument Fail if the argument is 0 or is not a SmallInteger. Optional.
	No Lookup. See Object documentation whatIsAPrimitive."

And of course, if you prod around, you will find SmallInteger class has a category, entitled "documentation", containing the method "guideToDivision."  Finally, anyone who really needs to know the gory details (not so many) need only look at Interpreter, in category "arithmetic primitives."

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