[GOODIE] FreeCell Game

Brian Rice water at tscnet.com
Tue Oct 26 02:18:44 UTC 1999

At 10:09 PM 10/25/99 -0400, Pennell, David wrote:
>> The auxiliary windows for 'help' and 'statistics' when closed 
>> return the
>> cursor focus to other windows besides the game morph.  Is 
>> this behavior
>> unusual or consistent with Morph behavior?
>I don't know, I'll do some checking.  I find it nicer to run FreeCell inside
>a system window.  Try "FreeCell new openInWindow".  In this case, closing
>the auxiliary windows do return the focus to the FreeCell window.
>BTW - You can leave the statistics window open and it will auto-update.
>> Of course I understand that the windows aren't modal, but it seems
>> intuitive for the focus to return to its previous state when 
>> closing a window.
>I agree.

Ok, it seems the odd behavior only occurs when using the "new morph..."
system menu action to create a game, since the game spawns system windows
instead of morphs.

Btw, I'm not a big fan of using the system windows, which is why I opened
the game that way.


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