golgi (was Re: Eliminating assignments and variable syntax (accessors))

michalstarke Michal.Starke at lettres.unige.ch
Sun Oct 10 14:22:15 UTC 1999

On Aug 15, 1999, Alan Kay wrote:

> I thought Michal Starke's Golgi was a very nice start. 
> Michal, where are you? We haven't heard from you about

On the road somewhere between Bulgaria and Turkey at the time you 
wrote this ;-). Been far away from computers for a long time. 
Nice to see those msgs while catching up on a summer's worth of emails!

I've been using and steadily improving Golgi as an outline editor
during the last year, and it works beautifully for my current 6000+
headers/notes. It's getting pretty solid, and I'll put another
version up next week when i find time to package it.

On the code-editor aspect, less progress. Partly because I came
to have the feeling of working against the system rather than with 
it, so I decided to pause. 

[The trouble was in part that it was not a good idea to adapt the 
standard browser (it relies to much on having a string as a model).
I'll thus restart a browser from scratch. But I haven't yet found 
a UI for the method/class/category part that I would really like to 

> good scripting syntaxes for real OOP languages have been
> done (c.f. CodeWorks)

care to elaborate on that (for those of us who know nothing about 


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