Fraction hackers...

Florin Mateoc Florin at
Fri Sep 10 14:53:35 UTC 1999

	Bert said:

	> That would lead to the following: If (a = b) and (b = c) then (a =
	> right? So from ('3' = 3) and (3 = '3.0') follows ('3' = '3.0')? 

	> That breaks the rule that two collections are equal if their
elements are
	> equal!

	> (I think you take the interpretation for the actual contents - to
	> computer a string is just a collection of characters, and we
shoudn't try 
	> to tell him/her otherwise...)

	[Florin Mateoc]  Frankly, I wouldn't mind at all to have '3' =
'3.0'. And no, the computer does not rule, we humans do, so I don't think we
should shy away from something that brings us a little closer to a semantic
interpretation. I definitely wouldn't take that collections rule as a dogma,
not with strings anyway.



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