Method Lookup question

Dan Ingalls Dan.Ingalls at
Thu Sep 9 15:36:22 UTC 1999

>    I've been reading some papers on how to make Smalltalk and Self run
>faster. I have an idea on how to make the Smalltalk message lookup faster,
>but before doing anything, I would like to have some feedback from you. I'll
>try to write a short description of my idea.
> ...

The Squeak VM (and most other ST interpreters) includes a method lookup cache.  This finds the method over 95% of the time, so in fact Squeak almost never has to do a real method lookup.  If you are serious, you should run the InterpreterSimulator and take statistics on what really happens.  In fact the system itself can do this for you if you run MessageTally tallySends: on the InterpreterSimulator (see the comments in InterpreterSimulator and the method profileSends:).  This is a torture test of the system, but it produces incredibly useful information.  Write back if you need help doing this.

	- Dan

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