File-ins/change set formats and a "diff view"

Bolot Kerimbaev bolot at
Thu Sep 23 23:09:27 UTC 1999

Also, such "diffs" view is available in versions (alt-v/cmd-v in the
method list - in system browser, change sorter, senders/implementors).


On Thu, 23 Sep 1999, Tim Rowledge wrote:

> On Thu 23 Sep, Robert M. Fuhrer wrote:
> > It has occurred to me that it would be really great if somehow the file-in
> > format allowed a direct presentation of what the change actually was (for
> > changes that aren't simply additions/deletions of entire methods/classes).
> > 
> > E.g., wouldn't it be nice to highlight the changed portions of the code, or to
> > present a side-by-side view of old/new (relative to the creator's OR the
> > receiver's image)?
> >From the FileBrowser right hand pane, select your changes file and instead of
> filing it int, choose 'browse code'. You get a browser that does almost exactly
> what you want.
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