Reading Video from Squeak

Mike Rutenberg mdr at
Thu Apr 27 10:29:50 UTC 2000

The Zaurus Squeak already has the ability to capture images from its camera, but it encapsulates the work within some general primitives.  It would make sense to use those or a similar structure to work across platforms.

Also, TWAIN might be the way to go (  Not only is the Quickcam VC TWAIN compatable (according to, but so are almost all scanners.  And TWAIN seems to be a cross platform standard, at least with Macs and PCs supported (Linux too?).


p.s. Ability to capture images in Squeak would be GREAT!  At the Exploritorium in San Francisco I recently saw a number of wonderfully neat interactive image tranformation exhibits.  Squeak would be an awsome base for building this sort of thing!

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