FW: [Qsoul] FW: Bug in class message behaviour

Johan Fabry johan.fabry at vub.ac.be
Mon Aug 28 16:43:46 UTC 2000

Mats Nygren wrote:

> > ObjectOut defines the message #xxxClass, with implementation
> > "<primitive: 111>", which is identical to #class as defined in Object.
> > So when ObjectOut needs to get its behaviour, it can use #xxxClass.
> I had "bad luck" with the details here.

Poo-poo happens ;-)

> > As for debugging transparant proxies, two cases can be made: Do you want
> > to debug the proxy or the thing the proxy points to? It is clear that
> > both cases are valid ... So how's the debugger going to know?
> In my case I think it got the class from one and used instVarAt: in the
> other. It looked extremely confusing. I didn't investigate it then,
> knowing more about these things now perhaps I'll get back to it.

Yes, that must be extremely confusing. There are some weird things going
on when trying to inspect a proxy too: There is a big discrepancy
between the list of variables given in the listview, and the 'all inst
vars' entry in the list. I also do believe that some of this weirdness
can be ascribed to the shortcutting of the #class message. (If I
remember correctly, thats how I found this bug)
> > I'd go for a standard behaviour of debugging the thing the proxy points
> > to. After all, we're talking about *transparant* proxies, right? To
> > debug the proxies you'll have to return to basic stuff, such as
> > "Transcript show: foo asString". Ugly, I know ...
> I've been thinking about letting the debugger check if
> #doesNotUnderstand: is redefined and in that case have some extra
> options. But more importantly whenever something that is not inheriting
> from Object is debugged the debugger most be very sly. Perhaps the

I do agree, it would be handy if the debugger would be more resourceful
for ProtoObject subclasses and/or objects with a redefined
#doesNotUnderstand:. But right now, the debugger is a big black box for
me, so I'm afraid I can not go much further than the above statement :-(

> is good:
> ProtoObject "minimal amount of messages"
>   Debuggable(Proto)Object "messages used by debugger (instVarAt: ..) but nothing else"
>     Object

I dont think I get the point here... What would be the behaviour of the
debugger for ProtoObject subclasses? Forward everything? So when you
need to debug the proxy, you would need to change its class?

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