Mac 2.8 Browser plugin

Doug Way dway at
Tue Aug 29 22:36:27 UTC 2000

Bert Freudenberg wrote:
> On Tue, 29 Aug 2000, Karl Ramberg wrote:
> > By the way, when I use Bert's image it seems to do everything right
> > without both the .sources and the .changes.
> Yep. I set it up that way, to minimize download size. It's a full 2.8
> image though, and I internalized the temp names and did not discard the
> organization, so that browsing is still possible in a comfortable way.

This is very cool!  The source code browses fine, of course it's always
pretty-printed (fine with me) and the comments aren't there, but I
imagine the total download is probably 1/3 the size.  (How much does
adding the temp names & organization add to the image size?)

> Btw, does the "Fullwindow mode" on my testpage work? Is it displaying the
> workspace?

I consistently get a "Error: No loader script found" walkback window
when I try the Fullwindow mode (plugintest.sts).  This happens on both
the Mac and Windows. (tested with Netscape 4.73)  Rest of stack is:

[] in AutoStart class>>startUp
[] in BlockContext>>newProcess

However, everything seems to work fine, despite the presence of the

- Doug Way
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  RiskMetrics Group, Ann Arbor, MI

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