The refactoring Browser Against the BLOBS

Stephane Ducasse ducasse at
Wed Aug 16 08:22:43 UTC 2000


I'm restarting to program in Squeak (I should say figthing with Moprh
and PasteUpMorph Blobs), but after using the Refactoring Browser in VW.
I always have the feeling that somebody cut my fingers or my hands. I'm
so slow with this old browser.

What is the status of the port in Squeak?
I would be interested to be a beta tester

Just a remark for the people that never played with RB and that would like
to have a cleaner Squeak. I'm particularly thinking about Smalltalkers that 
loves thier full pacthed version of the full browser (the newbies in general
just love RB and hates fullBrowser). 

Imagine this:

It's 11h57 and at 12h00 you have to leave imperatelly. But while
writing your last method you notice that the name of another method is
not that good or it contains duplicated code.  You are a really good
smalltalker with sender and implementors full your head so you evaluate
that renaming the method will take more than 3 min. So you postpone and
do not change the method because after all a name is just a symbol.

Now imagine that you have a tools that safely in less than 10 s allows you
to rename your method, extract code, rename attributes in a SAFE way.
During the 3 minutes you have you could have made 60 changes so let say
that you do 10 changes.

The result is that if we want to have a good well design with no duplication,
well named attribute, intention revealing methods, we not only need 
excellent guys but power tools.

Think about my small story and imagine all the things you got do.

By the way, we can discuss hours that the UI of RB could be better, yes
but what isreally powerful is the undelrying refactoring engine.

So I sincerly hope that you get the feeling: yeah may be right!
And please avoid to pollute the mailing list by saying that you so
good with the full browser to renmae method in less than 3 min.

We all know that!
But I'm personaly nearly stupid adn slow so I need tools. REAL tools!

There is a free and pretty old verison of RB in the free distribution of VW30

or the latest version on the page of John

Just to add a bit more:
In my team, I have to say it again and agin several times.  Then nobody
used it everybody loved his own patched extra super featured
fullbrowser.  Then we had a major refactoring to do and people started
to look at it.  Then now if I would remove RB form our Envy manager I
would gain a fight or a strike. The new guys do not even want to use
the normal browser of VW (that is worse than the one of Squeak).

Stephane DUCASSE (ducasse at
"if you knew today was your last day on earth, what would you do 
different? ... especially if, by doing something different, today 
might not be your last day on earth" Calvin&Hobbes

University of Bern, Institut fuer informatik and Mathematik
IAM-SCG, 10 neubruckstrasse, CH-3012 Bern, Switzerland.

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