Update server for non-updates?

aaron reic0024 at d.umn.edu
Wed Aug 23 22:35:12 UTC 2000

I posted this on c.l.s, but for those of who you may not read it...

On 23 Aug 2000, Cees de Groot wrote:

> Well-organized open source code can do a lot for a language. Perl has

> CPAN. Python interest soared since Zope. I've done a lot of browsing
> on the web, but the bits of Smalltalk open source that you can find
> mostly are collected together as change sets on an FTP server. Today,

> someone who is interested expects more.
This would definately be something worthwhile, and not too hard to set
In Squeak, there are update servers.  I've not looked into the framework
for it, but I don't suppose it'd be hard to adapt (perhaps it can
the Update Server and put a little package browser in the Squeak image
that would show the changesets available on the Update Server, organized
into categories, with a little description for each changeset.  Uploads
could be similar to an FTP site. where you stick it in an /incoming
folder, and the admin puts it where it belongs.

I would be willing to try and implement this if someone has a machine
with a permanent 'net connection that it could sit on.

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