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Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Wed Aug 16 16:46:30 UTC 2000

>>>>> "Dan" == Dan Ingalls <Dan.Ingalls at disney.com> writes:

>> So something is definitely broken in these fixes.  I feel like the
>> system is more fragile now, since a lot of things were happening that
>> were clearly counter-paradigm.

Dan> [Randall -- this is not directed at you, but a reminder to all who may have similar feelings...]

Dan> I guess it is a tribute to our normal process that people expect
Dan> the alpha version to be solid.  We supply these *TEST PILOT*
Dan> updates for a number of reasons:

Dan> 	There is cool new stuff for you to play with and contribute to.
Dan> 	Some things are broken that we don't know about or need help fixing.
Dan> 	It's more fun to play together.

I completely understand that.  I've been spoiled at how good the
things were in the past. :) I don't mind things breaking, but I don't
want you to not know about it if you think life is happy. :)

So it was more of a "hey, this one broke stuff on the front panel"
report, than a "hey, some things back there don't work", which is
usually what I bump across, and try to understand enough to submit
a patch before someone else does (not yet :).

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