"official" VMs

Mats Nygren nygren at sics.se
Tue Aug 15 15:37:39 UTC 2000


I support the use of SourceForge and cvs for the C sources.

- Collecting many ports at the same place:

  - will improve possibilities of unification. That is needed. Handling line
    endings, keyboards, mouse buttons, command line arguments, etc. This kind
    of thing can be made uniform and more of it can be platform independent.
    The present organization make such things awkward to handle. Having
    a stupid thing such as the cr/lf/crlf-problem still around after several
    years proves this.
  - Having all (or many) ports available at the same site unifies and
    simplifies downloading.
  - helps porters: look around for a while, decide what to use, make the

- Squeak beeing present at Source Forge is good.

- cvs has its share of peculiarities but it seems within reason.
Having the history of sources available is good. And beeing
able to compute the difference between two stages of development and
then apply this difference to another branch of developments, thats
great. It also have some other features some of which seems quite useful.

There are alternatives to cvs (and I have ideas of my own) but its not a
good idea to rely on new things for handling sources. cvs has been around
for a while.

The concern about wizards beeing in charge: I dont think anyone here will
contest the decision of an officially appointed wizard. Having the wizard
getting down to earth once in a while and explaining things is not a bad
idea. If some of them don't have time for this, an alternative is to have
someone else taking care of the contact with the squeak-list and releasing
things having the wizard as an advisor and main implementor.


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