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Torsten.Bergmann at phaidros.com Torsten.Bergmann at phaidros.com
Thu Aug 24 13:51:09 UTC 2000

Sorry for the advertising but I would like to inform about an upcoming
german OO-conference 
called "NetObjectDays".
The conference was formerly known as STIA (Smalltalk in Industry and
Education). Now they have 
merged with the JIT, DJEK and JavaDays for various reasons. But Smalltalk is
one of the main topics, 
there is a special track on "Object-Oriented Software systems incl.
Smalltalk". Topics of interest include 
	- New developments in and around Smalltalk (e.g. Squeak)
	- Smalltalk Business
	- ...
see http://www.netobjectdays.org/node00/en/Authors/cfp-ooss.html 

The conference has kept his educational character and is an alternative to
other commercial conferences.
It is also a good place to meet people like Erich Gamma, Adele Goldberg,
Alan Kay, Chris Keene, Bertrand Meyer 
this year (to name just a few). The conference will take place from October
9 to 12, 2000 in the convention 
center "Messekongresszentrum" in Erfurt (middle of germany). 

I know the organization team very well, they helped us (the german smalltalk
user group) to arrange a 
Smalltalk evening each time. Last year we had a presentation of Andreas Raab
showing some Squeak
and Disney stuff which attracted also some non-smalltalker. This year we
will again have such a Smalltalk 
evening (on Octbober 9). We have invited David Simmons (President and Chief
Technology Officer of QKS) to 
talk about Smalltalk and Microsofts .NET platform. It is a good place to
meet other smalltalkers and squeakers.
Infos about the Smalltalk evening can be found at
I hope some of you will attend and/or will tell other people from the


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