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Sat Dec 2 09:44:42 UTC 2000

Here is a rewrite of the squeak socket plugin for Linux.  Mind that it
is still alpha and not sure when that may change.  It works for 20+ of
us.  You'll need to build squeak with all modules internal and put this
file in src/unix/sqUnixSocket.c (for vm28pre1+ - 2.9a). 
src/sqUnixNetwork.c for 2.7.  Then follow the build instructions.


Peter Schuller wrote:
> To partially answer my own question I discovered the example method of the
> "BDS style accept()". However, after properly using #newTCP instead of just
> #new, and using #waitForAcceptUntil instead of just #accept, I am still
> having the same problem.
> Actually invoking the test method results in "accept is not supported".
> Is it really true that I cannot do this in Squeak (platform: Linux)? What
> I'm after is the standard Unix/Linux accept() functionality (I assume this
> is the "BSD style accept()"), and the ServerSocket-that-produces-Sockets
> mechanism in Java.
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