Desired Windows/CE ports? What do you want?

Ned Konz ned at
Fri Dec 29 19:54:00 UTC 2000

I finally got around to working with the latest Windows/CE code that I could 

The latest source files I've been able to find were called and were on Andreas' FTP site.

On Nov. 17, Yasuhiro KURAHARA <kurahara at> announced
a Squeak 2.8 VM for Windows/CE.

I used his diffs, and did some more work to fix problems like hanging at exit
and screen damage from the taskbar (this last is not yet finished). I also 
updated the code to use the newer (>= WinCE OS 2.11) libraries, which
include standard library functions that had previously been provided by the 
Squeak VM support code.

I'd be glad to put the results of this work up on my web site, but need to
know which platforms to port for. There are a number of supported chips
(MIPS, SH3, ARM, Thumb, PPC, x86) and several OS choices (H/PC Pro 2.11,
Pocket PC 3.0, Pocket PC 2.11, as I remember).

I only have a MIPS device (a NEC MobilePro 770, which is a H/PC Pro 2.11),
so can't test very well.

If there are any other requests, I'll try (possibly not very soon) to compile 
for these as well.

So what do you want ports for? Tell me CPU type and OS...

Ned Konz
currently: Stanwood, WA
email:     ned at

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