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I'm not certain if these ever made it out; I sent them in August, but
haven't been able to post to the list for several months. At any rate,
if you tell me, I can post them separately as [ENH] so they make it into
the automatic tracking system. The code is attached as a BinHexed StuffIt.

Please advise...



Recent STP updates -- 2000.08.24 (remote from Berlin)

Make the size of the recent menu in the browser a variable. I use long ones.


Make the browser remember the mode selection (def/hier/comment) between
class selections. There is also partially-working code (commented out)
to remember the message category selection.


Make a short cut for the change list view to remove doits, clear old
versions, and select current methods.

This is a safer version of the accessor creation method used by the
"publish" goodie

Short cut for control structures.

Made it more conservative.

DateAndTime as merged class (subclass of Date with seconds) (easier for
use, e.g., in databases)


Make the size of the recent directory list a variable size.

A couple of new file stream creation methods. Adds global FileSep with
the path name delimiter


Makes 2 changes to ParEd: Cmd-G inserts " := "  and Cmd-H searches for
the selection.


Accessor for the class variable two * pi

Limited-width floating point number printing


C-style string formatting. Takes this:

	Transcript cr; show: ''Analyze '', sound name,
		'' D: '', (duration printPlaces: 3), 
		'' R: '', sound rate printString,
		'' F: '', framesize printString, 
		'' P: '', npoles printString; cr.

	and reduces it to this:

	{sound name. duration. sound rate. framesize. npoles} 
		showFmt: ''	Analyze %s D: %f R: %d F: %d P: %d''.	

	Or this
		Transcript show: ''TSR: '', tsr printString, 
						'' e: '', e truncated printString; cr.

	reduces to:

		{tsr . ext} showFmt: ''TSR: %s e: %d"

	Try this:
		{ t0 / 1000 . nFrames * fftLen } showFmt: ''Took %5.2f sec, sz: %d.''

Get the extent of an interval.


Add the LauncherView to the system open menu.

Convenience method for tallying to a file

Added a nil check.

Answer a point that represents the receiver as r at theta


Extent-from-user for new windows; assumes Mark's layouts. Do
[Preferences enable: #userPlacement]

Added check for emptitude.


A number of new string coersions for file I/O, e.g., asLocalFilename,
asFileStream and sansLastPeriodSuffix.


Make the default window sizes a bit larger and dependent on the screen size.


  Stephen Travis Pope
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