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Karl Ramberg karl.ramberg at
Tue Dec 19 16:28:00 UTC 2000

Karl Ramberg wrote:

> Yet another thing is when help ballons draw they flash twise
> One for the ballon and one for the text.
Here is a change that cures this, but I'm not sure about the
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'From Squeak2.9alpha of 13 June 2000 [latest update: #3121] on 19 December 2000 at 5:23:59 pm'!

!Morph methodsFor: 'menus' stamp: 'kfr 12/19/2000 17:19'!
setToAdhereToEdge: anEdge
	anEdge ifNil: [^ self].
	anEdge == #none ifTrue: [^ self removeProperty: #edgeToAdhereTo].
	self setProperty: #edgeToAdhereTo toValue: anEdge.
	"self layoutChanged"! !

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