2.9a Squeak VM, apps, and themes

Bert Freudenberg bert at isg.cs.uni-magdeburg.de
Sun Dec 3 14:21:16 UTC 2000

On 2 Dec 2000, J Scott Jaderholm wrote:

> Bob Arning  <arning at charm.net> writes:
> > ftp://st.cs.uiuc.edu/pub/Smalltalk/Squeak/2.0/SqueakV2.sources.sea.bin
> I can not extract this under linux.  

Yeah, if you intend to do more serious squeaking, you at least need to get
unstuff for linux:
Mac folks unfortunately keep posting attachments in binhex encoding or
loading up .sit archives :(

> Are the .sources for 2.9a not available in .zip or .tar.gz ?

Of course they are - see the main Unix site at
or even the UIUC Archive (ftp://st.cs.uiuc.edu/pub/Smalltalk/Squeak/2.8/)
The sources file is the same for all Squeak 2.x versions.

> ok, I downloaded the file Squeak-2.9a.pre1-src.tar.bz2.  I extract,
> create a build dir, cd build, ../src/unix/configure works fine, but
> make gives me
> make: Nothing to be done for `all'.

You're sure you ran make from the build dir? If it says there's nothing to
do then there must already be a "squeak" executable in that directory.

Besides, if you just start with Squeak you should stay with the official
releases. You can get binaries from the UIUC archive and somewhere in one
of Ian's ftp directories. Although 2.7 is "really" official for Unix, 2.8
is finished, but not blessed yet. The 2.8.5 sources (not only for PPC
Linux) are here:

-- Bert

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