[BUG?]New Event Architecture Queue Sequencing?

Andrew C. Greenberg werdna at mucow.com
Mon Dec 4 14:35:36 UTC 2000

At 2:18 PM +0100 12/4/00, Hans-Martin Mosner wrote:
>"Andrew C. Greenberg" wrote:
>>  Sorry, my retraction of the bug report appears premature.  It repeats
>>  with regularity now on my iMac, with current changesets and the B5
>>  MacOS VM.  The problem, as mentioned, is that events, after a bunch
>>  have backed up, tend to fire off at the rate of about 1 per second,
>>  which can only be heightened by, for example, pressing the shift key,
>>  or the like.
>could it be that you're using a PowerBook? Squeak does not interact with
>the Power Manager, so the processor slows down when it thinks that you
>don't do anything. I've also noticed this with every version of Squeak but
>did not have the time to look into the matter.
>Having some strategy for dealing with power management would certainly be
>great especially for the PDA Squeak ports...

I was, in fact, testing with one of the new Firewire iBooks.

It is interesting that the "slow event" firings can be sped up simply 
by pressing the shift key a few times, and slows back down when you 
stop.  There are no serious delays in real time, however, almost as 
soon as you stop typing, the delay kicks in.

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