Translation problem

Raymond Asselin raymondasselin at
Tue Dec 12 02:55:02 UTC 2000

This is part three of a note I sent to PWS list. I post it to the squeak list, hoping some
useful do the « translating job only one time ».

" C) By the way I translated some stuff (of a comanche swiki) for french use:  Icones of the
'blue' set, the help file of the Swiki Administration Tools, the help file of Swiki page, an some
others but not all of them.  There is a problem that I pointed and don't understand
really well. This is:

- I began to translate stuff from my G3 at home, sent it over Internet to my work
place, just to find that the files where full of bad 'diacritics' « caractères accentués
». I'm wondering if the problem is 1) a bad choice of a file format from my email, 2)
the font utilised, 3) a different mapping of the caracters using 129 - 256 ascii code
between MacOS and NT 4.0,  4) I don't know what else....,"

As problems similars to mine ( with diacritic characters ) seems regulars ( Richard A. O'Keefe
«Just this year, my name has been rejected by several programs», and some months ago 
german people mentioned problems with umlauts, etc...) may be there is an easy way to do a
translating job only one time... " with a Mac or a Windows machine but not two versions, or
more, if we have to figure for Unix people too! 

In others words, I know that a program in assembler must be rewritten as often as there is
differents machines, but I did'nt know it was the same for a text written in an other people
language than english... I write to the list because I hope I missed something.

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