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Raab, Andreas Andreas.Raab at
Sat Dec 16 22:01:16 UTC 2000


> >When I pull a script off to edit it, the whole flap area flashes
> >when I move the script around.
> While you are moving the script? Or when you drop the script 
> on the world? I see the latter, but not the former. The 
> latter is a reasonable need on the part of the flap to make 
> sure its contents are drawn correctly since dropping phrases 
> and scripts in the world can cause changes in the flap.

I think Karl is talking about something else. After you've dropped something
in the world (it doesn't really matter what) you'll get a flash for all of
the flap (tab) areas. This happens because of the attempt of moving all
those flaps and tabs to the front. So how about implementing

PasteUpMorph>>addMorphFront: aMorph
	^self addMorphInLayer: aMorph.

This should prevent many of these (almost always unnecessary) redraws.

  - Andreas

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